Saturday, November 11, 2006

I am a master chef!

OK, not really. But I did cook dinner from scratch today, which is a rare and special occasion. Usually Nyron is the cook in the house and if it's up to me, we dine on fish stick and fries. But today I was idly watching Food Network which is where I get my vicarious chef fix, when I actually saw a recipe that looked simple enough for me to do well. It's a ground beef and macaroni and cheese oven baked pasta and I was able to do it with stuff I either already had in the kitchen or could get at the little grocery on the corner. The best part? I managed to do it without making an unholy mess of the kitchen, a feat Nyron has yet to accomplish. :)

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Just stopping by to say hello, from a fellow blogger and bookcrosser! :)


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