Saturday, April 08, 2006

For anyone who thinks you would only get worthless stuff on Freecycle...

...I got a bike! I'd been keeping my eye out for offers of bicycles on Freecycle for a while, since I live so close to a lovely park and would like to be able to bike around my community (not to mention, to nearby Port Credit which is lovely and has some great shops!). After responding to a number of offers, I finally got picked to receive a bike that the man who posted it had found on the curb on garbage day. It's a lovely 1960s bike painted, as it happens, in my favourite shade of green. It just needs it's breaks fixed. And a carry basket. And I need a helmet. I'm currently trying to find a bike repair place close enough so that we don't have to try getting it in the back of Nyron's car again. When we picked it up it turned out to be too big for the Camry and we had to take the front wheel off just so we could close the doors. But not before getting bike grease on the upholstery. What with my cousin's cats peeing on the back seats and now this bike I fear I've done more damage to Nyron's beloved car in the last two years than all time he's had it!

Oh well. My bike is cool! I'm thinking of calling her Madeline, after "The Apology Song" by The Decemberists. If you see me cruising around South Etobicoke someday soon, give a wave!

0( )__

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Climb a little higher...

This April 29, I will be volunteering for the CN Tower Climb in support of WWF. That's World Wildlife Fund, by the way, not the World Wrestling Federation. : )

To participate in the climb, all you have to do is register online, then raise a minimum of $50. There is also a team climb on Thursday, April 27 for those of you who like to do it in groups. All the money raised will help WWF fight Global Warming and man-made climate change. Just think of all those smog alert days in Toronto last summer (48 - the highest on record!) if you need another eason to sign up for this great cause! Hope to see you there!

o( )__