Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fashion tip of the day

When wearing a classic black shirt to work, don't wear a white fleese hoodie over top to keep you warm on your way to work. No matter how comfy it is.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Covet of the Week: SolarStyle Portable Solar Charger

This is definitely the next wave in personal electronics. SolarStyle has created a solar charger that's about the size of a cell phone or wallet that you can use to charge portable devises: cell phones, iPods, digital cameras. The battery holds a charge, so you can charge it during the day and use it at night. And it can be charged by indoor light as well as direct sunlight. What this means is that I can plug my iPod into it at work in my tiny, windowless office and listen to music all day long. Groovin' through the stress, oh yeah!

I'm really glad that this kind of technology is being made so readily available to people. I remember when solar electricity was only available by installing extremely large, inflexible panels that cost thousands of dollars and you had to trim the tall trees around your house to get them to work. They were basically considered experimental and impractical by most home-owners. Now, you can keep a solar panel in your purse (or on your backpack) and whip it out whenever you realize that you forgot to charge your cell phone yet again and it's on its last bar. Hey! Maybe I should get one of these for Nyron. He's always letting the batteries die down on his phone...

Thanks to Yorkshire Soul for reminding me that my readers await. Sorry for the hiatus.

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