Saturday, October 29, 2005

When beavers get the flu...

I've had the flu since Wednesday. Despite throwing up that morning (in the sink, because the bathroom in the residence is too far away for me to have made it) I still dragged my ass down to work and worked most of the day before my boss made me go home. Why risk making myself worse just to go to work? you might ask. Because it beat the hell out of staring at the same 4 walls of the Shoebox (which is what I've been calling my residence room) for hours on end. That is, in fact, exactly what I ended up doing on Thursday and it nearly drove me crazy. The worst was when I finished knitting Nyron's mom's scarf, because then I really had nothing to do.

I'm better now, although the evil being that lives in my lungs and gives me bronchitis every year has gleefully taken this bout of the flu as an opportunity to bring back my cough with a vengence. This particular cough is one that I have had since last spring when I was still in England and had just managed to get rid of a few weeks ago. Damn. Oh well. This lovely sunny Saturday and the two Matt B comics that I found at The Beguiling should do well to cheer me up.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

Unfortunately, my posts are going to be few and far between until I get settled in the townhouse. I don't feel right about blogging at work (especially since the IT guys constantly look in on my computer through remote connection) and I don't have internet at the hotel. This weekend I'm at Nyron's for Thanksgiving.

I'm still enjoying work. I've officially become the event planner for the school. It was originally part of my job description when I got hired, but my boss has thankfully given me a month to get used to the school before putting such a large extra job in my lap. It was previously done by two teachers but they're both teaching 3 out of the 4 periods and don't have time. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to have had time to organize the events they'd scheduled for the second half of this month, so now I have to pick up their slack while at the same time organizing next month. It kind of pisses me off that it was handed to me so disorganized, but whatever. I'll fix it this week.

This weekend marked the end of week 2 of living in the residence hotel. I could be there for 6 weeks or a full two months, I still don't know yet. The worst of it is, the new owner of my old house hasn't even moved in yet. There is absolutely no reason for me to be in that freezing cold, tiny room eating take out and TV dinners. I'd say I'm pissed off at the guy, but I think I'm just beyond. A few weeks ago I was pissed off, now I'm somewhere past that, into a kind of hyper-pissed state. Hopefully this will be enough to convince Dad to actually take action against him, even if it is after the fact. I'd really like him to file a formal complaint against our real estate agents, too, for allowing all this to happen. It was part of their job to be on our side about this and they haven't been from day 1.That's all for this week. Hopefully it won't be too long before I get a chance to blog again.

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